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Soundgarden have suggested that they may reform after their 12-year hiatus.

Following their split in 1997, the US group have left a message on Soundgardenworld.com which implies they could be reforming in the New Year, stating, "The 12 year break is over and school is back in session."

Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell has also aided rumors, adding on his Twitter page:

"Knights of the Soundtable ride again!"

Soundgarden have yet to state any specific releases or tour dates. Stay tuned to the-fly.co.uk for more information.

Gua dengar cerita semenjak-dua menjak hari tu, Chris Cornell dah pandai lepak dengan Timbaland. Jangan pulak gua ada dengar radio lagu Tipah Tertipu dari Ruffedge feat. Chris Cornell. Tu memang aram!!

Nyanyi sorang-sorang memang sedih!

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