3 Are You Suffering From FEELINGS?

What Are Feelings?
Feelings are a tender emotional state that develop when a male becomes fixated on a single female to the exclusion of others. Even others with more attractive body shape.

Early Warning Signs
When you're around one particular chick, you experience:

• Pounding Heart
• Dry Mouth
• Nausea
• Inability to speak
• Sweating
• Desire to say flattering things

If undiagnosed, these warning signs can quickly develop into the full blown disease…


• Warm fluttery feelings in stomach
• Lightheadedness
• An unexplained urge to watch 'Love Actually' and 'Cinta'.
• Sudden increase in cuddling occurrences
• Brunch cravings
• Explosive monogamy
• Happiness
• Failure to notice other hot women
• Crosswording

Though correlation remains scientifically inconclusive, studies indicate "hand holding" may play a role in spreading Feelings from one person to another.

At this time the only treatment for Feelings is a multi-week course in How to Meet Other Women facilitate by myself. If symptoms persist, repeat course at a higher dosage.

legnote : This treatment can result in harmful side-effects such as rash, infection, and in some cases, pregnancy.

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